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Got your own electric shower you need fitting ? We can do that - We charge £59 per hour plus any materials. Replacement usually takes between 1 - 1.5 hours  -  However there are terms and conditions : Occasionally the replacement may take longer if we have to extend any wiring or pipe work.

WE CAN FIT YOUR TRAY & CUBICLE - Call for a survey & written quote £59.

We charge a minimum of £59 if for any reason it is not possible to fit your shower for example the shower is faulty straight from the box, The pipe work or electric cable is not compatible with the internal arrangement of your shower ( pipe or cable entry is impeded by layout with the internal parts of the shower )

HOWEVER We carry onboard a choice of multi fit showers from Mira that we can fit on the same visit.

It is only fair and reasonable to charge £59 for our travelling time and time on site if your shower is faulty or incompatible OR we cannot turn off the water supply, OR you choose not to accept our alternative supply and fit offering.

We fit hundreds of showers every year and a 99%  successful outcome on our first visit !

We genuinely believe that we are the most experienced shower fitters with the lowest fitting costs, with the most genuine 5 star rated  Google reviews. Ring around and compare our rates  and we will see you soon !


Makes  Sense To Allow Us To Supply & Fit

Customer Supplied Shower

Supply & Fit Shower  From Bogs & Taps

Fitting Charge Straight Swap With No Alteration to Pipes Or Cables.

£59 Per Hour Usually 1-1.5 Hours


Faulty shower (New from box) Re attending to fit replacement shower charge.

£59 Per Hour Usually 1-1.5 Hours

Included - Replaced on same visit only - Manufacturer Warranty Claim Thereafter

Charge for altering pipes or cable outside the unit.

£59 Per Hour + Materials

£59 Per Hour + Materials

Charge for accepting an alternative shower from Our stock if your supplied shower is faulty or not possible to fit

No Extra Charge

Not applicable

Charge for attending your premises if your new shower is faulty Or not possible to fit & you decline our offer of alternative shower


Not applicable

Shower Installations

Choose Your New Supply & Fit Electric Shower Below  By Kw Rating OR Type

7.5Kw (2)

8.5Kw  (2)

9.5Kw (2)

10.5Kw & 10.8Kw (2)

Bar & Mixer Showers (2)

Bath Tap Showers (6)

You Supply It & We Fit It !

Shower Pumps (2)

New Installation Wiring & Pipework

Looking for a new electric - bar or mixer shower ? You have come to the right place, we don’t just swap showers  no, we also install new wiring - mcbs - switches - pipe work - shower pumps. In fact only fully qualified experienced & insured tradesmen will ever turn up at your door.

WE install over 200 showers per year & always walk away with a successful outcome. We have way more genuine Google reviews than any similar company, on that reason alone we deserve your business. We deliver on our promises FACT.

Quick Deals

Consider a supply and fit, far less hassle ! Fixed Price - Definite Outcome

Got a bar shower or bath & basin taps you need fitting ? We can do that - £59 per hour plus any materials used. Call for details.

You supply your own shower and we can fit it for you - However bear in mind there will be extra charges for re attending to fit your shower if the one you provided is faulty or the wrong type - Seriously is it really worth the aggravation ?