Shower Installations

Triton Hawaii 8.5Kw

This is our budget Triton Hawaii 8.5Kw on sale at £139 Supplied & Fitted - Please note this shower will only allow fitting of water pipe and electric cable on the RIGHT HAND SIDE or TOP RIGHT HAND SIDE.

Why are they so cheap ? They may have a slight blemish on the casing - nothing serious but just enough not to command top price. They have never been fitted or used and come to us direct from Triton  - we offer them with full Triton 12 month warranty supplied and fitted £139 - We only have the 8.5kw in stock. Save yourself £40 !

In the event we cannot fit this shower you accept and allow us to fit a Triton T80Easi for £199 or a Triton Enrich for £169 to avoid disappointment.

Ideal for student lets - rental props or those who are budget challenged - We are here to help !

We have fitted many of these showers and have proved to be VERY RELIABLE - Supplied & Fitted ONLY £139  - WRAS & BEAB approved.

With simple reliable rotary dials for power and temp settings. Simple no frills reliability for under £140 supplied & fitted - you can’t go wrong !

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Compact - Simple To Use -


Water entry pipe from the back (directly out of wall)

From the top (surface mounted pipe)

From the right (surface mounted pipe)

Up from the bottom (surface mounted pipe)

Same positions apply for the electric cable.