Shower Installations

Mira Sprint & Mira Jump

MIRA Sprint  WHITE  MANUAL ELECTRIC SHOWER - Ultimate electric shower experience. Stylish and ultra reliable as are all Miras !

Supplied And Fitted

7.5kw £239         8.5kw £249

9.5kw £259         10.8kw £269

Mira Sprint Rainfall

This Mira Sprint is supplied and fitted with a quality machine turned chrome over copper supply pipe connecting to the overhead 10 inch rain can plus Mira’s sliding rail riser and multi mode handset. Quality heavy chrome over brass fixing brackets.


Sprint+Rainkit  8.5Kw  £429 10” rain can

Sprint+Rainkit  9.5 Kw £439 10” rain can

Sprint+Rainkit 10.8Kw £449 10” rain can

We are so confident with the quality of our kits we include all components in our two year guarantee. Fitting time 3 ~ 4 hours

Some circumstances the 10” overhead rain can will be substituted for the 6” rain can where water pressure is inadequate. Rain can supply pipe configurations may differ depending on mains water supply pipe position.

This Mira Sprint will deliver 4 litres per minute compared to Tritons that deliver 3 litres per minute. It is a multi fit shower however if it is not replacing the same exact model there is additional pipe work within the unit that needs to be completed to make this fit. We of course will make the adaptation as part of our supply & fit price. Extra pipe work outside the unit charged extra.

We have all kilowatt ratings for this Mira Sprint in stock ready to fit TONIGHT - Must be able to turn off the water and isolate the electric to the shower though.

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